Student group
The student group classes are held on Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm MSK and Sundays 2 pm to 4 pm MSK

Musical movement is a special kind of art where plastic, expressive movement arises from a spontaneous emotional response to music. This musical movement was found in the course of the studio "Heptakhor" (origin from the Greek word "ἑπτά" - seven, "χορός" - dance), which was developed in the early 20th century in St. Petersburg under the headmaster of Stephanida Dmitrievna Rudneva and six of her associates - graduates of the Bestuzhev Courses. The heritage of this studio its descendants is the method of musical movement with theoretical ground and rich methodological material.
The main thing in music movement classes is music. The spectrum of music usage is huge: classical and romantic, old, modern, jazz and folk. Dancers involved in the musical movement are given to understand any music and, most importantly, to move with it, understanding the differences, intonations, its character and nuances. There is always live music performed by an accompanist during the musical movement. The musical material is varied.
The result of the lessons is dance performances in the form of complete, highly artistic musical. Our students independently stage their dance performances, finding themselves in improvisation.
Classes in the Isadora studio are suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers, as everyone can find something of their own in the musical movement. The musical movement helps to discover unexpected physical possibilities, new in the field of creativity, social, personal, individual and partnership relations. You will find new friends, learn to move freely, manage your body and emotions, feel harmony in yourself, in life and the world around you.

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