Children group
Classes for the children's group are held on Wednesdays 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

The musical movement method has a proven theoretical and practical basis and uses special exercises. Each exercise is described in terms of music, movement and image. All exercises are described by the founder of the musical movement S.D. Rudneva. Many textbooks on musical movement have been published for classes with preschoolers and schoolchildren.
What is included in the lesson for the children's group:
• exercises to show (animals, nature and etc.) images under music;
• musical improvisations;
• work on dance performances.
Those who dance, their tone of the muscle system rises, they develop coordination and the ability to dance coherently together. According to psychologists and neurophysiologists, intellectual development occurs through muscle activity. Dancers' various types of perception are enhanced (auditory, musical, tactile, visual, motor), their creative imagination and creative activity develop. Thus, practicing musical movement contributes to the flight of imagination, spontaneous creative search, independent work on new musical works.

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