Adult group
Classes for the adult group are held on Tuesdays 6 pm to 8 pm.

Musical movement classes are available to everyone. These can be groups of children and parents with children, as well as women and men of any age, any physical preparation, any build. Our adult group includes people of different ages, exercises are adapted to the state of health and are aimed at improving it.

All classes in the musical movement are emotionally colored and take place in a favorable psychological atmosphere. This helps to enhance the work of various functions of the body, simultaneously developing Spirit - Body - Mind. The action of emotions can be compared to the action of physical, electrical, magnetic forces. Different emotions affect the energy expenditure of a person in different ways. The positive emotions included in the music movement classes lead to a good mood and maximum efficiency from the classes. Not only the result of the activity is important here, but also the process itself - it captures, carries away.

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