III International Festival 2019
On May 12 and 13, 2019, the International Cultural Center of RUDN hosted the III International Isadora Duncan Plastic Dance Festival. The festival was attended by creative teams of plastic dance studios, music and art movement not only from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vologda, Ulyanovsk, but also from the United States and Great Britain.
As part of the program of the III International Festival, master classes and creative workshops, lectures and concert programs were held. During the master classes, everyone could get acquainted with the basics of the method of musical movement and the technique of Duncan dance. On the first day there was a lecture hall and a concert "Music movement for all ages". Thanks to the lecture of Riazanova Valentina Nikolaevna "The development of Duncan's ideas in Russia", the audience supplemented their knowledge about the history and prospects of the development of the method of musical movement.
During the lecture, the book "Isadora Duncan and around: New Research and materials" by Elena Yushkova was presented. The first monograph in Russian devoted to the American dancer Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) and various aspects of the perception of her work in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States during the First World War and the USSR in the 1920s, as well as the image of the dancer in modern culture. The book addresses issues related to Duncan's creative legacy and the preservation of" free" dance over the course of a century. Readers are presented with materials found in the archives of different countries about the people who surrounded Isadora in the last years of her life, evidence of her Moscow school (1921-1949); the author introduces sources that are not easily accessible to the Russian public. The book is addressed to fans of plastic dance and Duncan's work, researchers of Russian and Soviet culture. The book contains many rare photographs, some of them published for the first time.
As a greeting to the audience and guests of the capital, the team of the international dance ensemble "Rhythms of Friendship", whose repertoire includes more than 100 national dances, demonstrated their skills, and on the final evening of the festival, the stage was given to plastic dance, which was presented by choreographic studios from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tennessee (USA), London (UK).
The festival, which was held for the third time, became a tradition of the Isadora studio, strengthened relations between all participants, and also expanded the prospects for further cooperation between them.

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